Naughty Pleasures – are they that bad?

I have some sexual pleasure that my new wife say are weird. Honestly, I know that I should have told her about them before we married but it just never happened. Now I feel really guilty and my wife does not want to participate in my fantasies. Before I married I always used to indulge in my sexual pleasures with my London escorts but after my marriage I have decided not to date London escorts anymore. I did really enjoyed dating but it is not fair as my wife is now supposed to be my sexual partner.

The thing is though, I used to date London escorts just because I enjoyed discussing a bit dominatrix sex. It is nothing really kinky and most of the time we discussed hand cuffs and receiving a good spanking. The London escorts services I used never had a problem with my naughty little pleasures but my new wife is strictly against them. I don’t know how I am going to manage the situation as I do need to receive these pleasures to be happy in my sex life. Is there any advice you could give me on how I can introduce them. Brian

Dear Brian,

It is always a good idea to be totally open and honest with your partner. I don’t think that your pleasures are that extreme and neither would most London escorts. However, I can understand that your new wife had a bit of a surprise. It is always best to be totally open and honest about your sexual desires before you get married and I don’t think you should spring them on your new wife. Does your wife know that you used to date London escorts? I think that you need to sit down and have a little think.

I don’t think that you should at this stage tell your wife that you used to date London escorts. It would be another thing for her to cope with and might just be too much. She is already dealing with your dominatrix habit and the final touch could be London escorts. Your habit may seem odd to your wife but you are not trying to dominate her. Have you actually set down and talked it through? Perhaps she is just a bit shocked. It is a good idea to introduce one thing at the time. When your new wife is really excited one night, try to introduce hand cuffs. Ask her to cuff you and do what she wants with you. You might be in for a nice surprise this time.

Dealing with new sexual habits and ventures is not always easy. I am not sure how you would feel if you knew that your wife used to be dating male London escorts and working as a dominatrix. It could have been an equal surprise after your marriage. Like I said, take one thing at a time but I don’t think that you should talk about London escorts in front of your wife.