Keeping it in the family

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It has never worried me that is his sister works for London escorts. It her choice but she has asked me not to tell any other family members. They do know that she is into women, but they don’t know that she works for a specialist London escorts service. I am not going to tell them. My husband sister and I have become really good friends over the years, and I would not kiss and tell on any of my friends. The fact is that I think that we are becoming more than good friends.

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It was not until that I met my husband’s sister that I remembered my old feelings. We got on really well from day one, and since then, we have just grown closer and closer. His sister confided in me about charlotte escorts and it did no worry me one bit. As a matter of fact, I think that was the trigger point. It felt like we had something in common that we could share and talk about when we had time on our own.

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