He can’t top being unfaithful…

Have you ever been in a relationship with a man who can’t stop being unfaithful? I have met a lot of guys at London escorts who really do seem to be what I call relationship challenged. However, I did not think it would happen to me. Normally I have been lucky enough to date really nice guys outside of London escorts,. But since my last boyfriend moved to the States to work, I seem to have become a little bit unlucky in love. Let me put it this way. My latest boyfriend seem to think that he is Casanova and loves to go where the ladies go.

He is really sweet to me, but he is one of those men who needs more than one woman in his life. I met similar guys to him at the most fantastic escorts website, and I know that deep down is probably rather insecure. If you constantly need to find a new love interest, it may point to the fact that you are actually rather insecure around women. I am not saying that it goes for all of the gents I date at London escorts, but it would be true of a fair few of them. However, recently I found that my boyfriend had slept with one of my friends at London escorts.

I really don’t know what has hurt the most. The fact is that he slept with my friend at London escorts did upset, but I was even more angry at her. Why did she not turn down his advances? After all, she knew that he was y boyfriend. I would never dream of going off to sleep with one of girls’ boyfriends. It is not the sort of thing that you do. When I first heard about it, I was not sure that I could be bothered to talk to him about it. I ended up having a huge row with my friend who works for the same London escorts service as me, but it took me a couple of days to speak to my boyfriend. When I finally did, I was rather calm, but I did end up telling him that our relationship was over. He took it okay, and I think that he is used to go through the process of breaking up with girls.

I knew that I was not going to be able to change him or amend his ways. I guess I could have tried, but it would have taken too much energy. On other words, I could not be bothered. Some of the girls at London escorts have decided to stay single while they work as escorts. I think that I may join their ranks and stay away from men for a little while. Sure the right man is out there somewhere, but until I find him, I am going to continue to enjoy my work with London escorts, and just be a happy single girl. The right man for me is bound to be out there and I hope that we will meet one day.