4 Fun & Flirty Ways To Raise The Temperature In Your Bedroom Tonight

It is surely one of the biggest relationship mistakes that a person can make to simply assume that commitment is always easy. The bottom line is that it can be difficult sharing your life with another human being no matter how much you love them. There are compromises to be made, tough decisions to be tackled, and a willingness to understand that your happiness is now bound with theirs.

The area where it can be most difficult to make compromises is sex, and it can very quickly feel like intimacy has become routine. This is why it is so important for couples who live together to make time to surprise each other, to play and experiment with fun and flirty sex games and activities.

The following tips and tricks will help you learn how to whip your lover into a fit of excitement before you have even taken all of your clothes off.

Think Sex – It can be really hard, for both men and women, to make the time for intimacy after a long day at work. However, neglecting sex is one of the fastest ways to cause a relationship to degrade, so instead of resorting to the old ‘I’m too tired’ routine, think about how good you will feel after sex and how appreciative your lover will be of your effort.

Spank City – Spanking is something which intimidates lots of couples, but only because it has been labeled as a BDSM practice for many years. It is not exclusive to this community, and you do not have to cause a great deal of pain for it to be enjoyable. In fact, the force and speed with which you work is entirely up to you. Why not pick up some super slinky stockings, wear them with high heels, and then have your husband or boyfriend bend you over the sofa after a weekend date?

Further South – For many, anal play (like spanking) is something which is reserved for serious kinksters and twenty something’s with poor personal hygiene. Yet, the truth is that anal foreplay and anal sex can result in mind blowing orgasms for both partners. The notion that it has to be painful is another myth, because with plenty of lube and patience, there should be very little discomfort at all.

Tied Up or Down – Playing with restraints is a great way to spice up sex and inject a little bit of a thrill into an intimate relationship. There are lots of different types available too, so it does not have to be a leap into handcuffs and ropes for the as yet uninitiated. The best way to start is with the silk ribbons or ties usually found in sex shops – they cause no chafing, but will keep a man or woman bound and wriggling.